Rob Hovey began his professional music career with a 50's greaser throwback band called Wedsels Edsels. The Edsels would perform large festivals and often opened for legendary classic acts like TheBeach Boys, The Moody Blues, The Temptations, Sha Na Na, and The Commodores to name a few. When Wedsels Edsels was asked to be the back up musicians for 50's legends "Danny and the Juniors" and new life embarked. "The show went so well, they asked us to tour with them for the summer" most of the band didn't make it 3 weeks doing a run of car shows in civic centers around the country, but Rob loved the large crowds and stuck with them for a year. This later opend up many other doors..

In 1987 after finishing with Danny & The Juniors Rob found himself without a gig and turned to Wayne Wetzel the fouder of Wedsels Edsels who now owned a concert sound and lighting company, Wayne tought Rob how to run live sound and sent him out on numerous show over the course of 1987. One of which was a Foghat / Molly Hatchet & The Outlaws tour. Rob developed friendships on that tour which led to a private conversation between a crew member of Foghat informing Rob that the "other" Foghat that was out touring at the same time was looking for a drummer, Rob seized the opportunity to go up to New York and audition with Lonesome Dave's version of Foghat. The band had just departed with a couple of members from Hall & Oates which left a nice opportunity for Rob to walk in to the situation. "It was too bad it was such a short lived venture, Lonseome Dave's Foghat was a great band and was a great experience for me, the lawsuit between Roger and Dave left both bands exposed to many difficulties in having two bands performing in the U.S as Foghat, to avoid further legal battles between the two lineups, the original band re-united leaving Rob and numerous other players out in the cold. "It was great while it lasted".

In 1989 Rob's name had drifted through various generes of music as he stumbled upon an opportunity as a hired gun with The Turtles for a nice "long summer tour". Flo & Eddie had a remarkable career throughout the 60's and 70's with a huge hit "Happy Together" amongst many other great songs. Residing in Nashville, the band embarked on many short runs, fairs, festivals and casinos until the spring of '90' when the band announced they would stop touring for a while, so back to Michigan Rob departed.

Throughout the 90's Rob performed with many national and regional acts as well as many recording sessions on both the drums as well as engineering and producing for a number of artist's. In 2001 Rob moved to New Orleans to work with close friends Steve Blaze from Lillian Axe and Bob Bearden former Michigan band mate, both on various projects.

YOUTUBE QUOTE "the earth pounding, blood and sweat beating he emplores on the drums, makes you feel like a frieght train has ripped through your soul causing a bowel movement at an in-opportune time" Jeff Blando- Slaughter/Vince Neil